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The Floyd Leg

The Floyd Leg

Collaborators : Alex O'dell

Program : Furniture

The Floyd Leg is a tool that gives you the framework to take ownership of your furniture.  It rethinks the table leg by combining an age old device - the clamp - with a clean, minimal design; allowing you to take any flat surface and create a table.

Emerging from a personal need and curiosity three years ago, the Legs helped to resolve an ongoing dilemma for many of us in our twenties: living the nomadic lifestyle between work and school, quite often results in the purchase and unnecessary, but eventual abandonment of furniture.

Being that the work desk is one of these critical assets, the design for a minimal, yet functional set of legs, on to which any surface material could be attached, was born. Simply pack up the legs and find a new flat surface in the next city. Set-up takes minutes; no previous building knowledge required. Thanks to the Floyd Leg, searching out material palettes is now not only an interesting and low-cost endeavor, but also a sustainable one; saving our trash-bins and junkyards from yet another disposal of unwanted furniture.